Web Development & Design in Milton Keynes. We are a small, experienced team with a passion for web technology, communication and business. We build next generation websites and apps for both SME's and Enterprise-level organisations.

What do we do?

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help your business call Ben on 07834 825618 or email us at hello@webhappens.co.uk

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  • Websites

    We build user-friendly websites that look great and drive sales and enquires.

  • Apps

    Increase your productivity or develop a new app - we turn your virtual ideas into reality.

  • Hosting

    We provide secure, reliable UK cloud hosting for your websites and data.

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When we get a few minutes we try to share some of our thoughts and ideas.

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  • Improve SEO with HTTPS

    Ever since Facebook started offering secure browsing across their entire site I have been waiting for the web to ‘go secure’. In the past, these technologies could slow down the performance of a website and so only the essential pages were secured. Today, however, is a different story, and with Google having recently announced that [...]

  • New EU Cookie Law Explained

    Last May a law was passed stating that all websites have to declare their use of cookies and do so publicly and ensure visitors acknowledge and agree with them to continue browsing the website. If you or your business are within the EU, you have until the 26th May to implement a solution on your [...]

  • Do I actually need a Mobile Website?

    In simple terms, probably yes, however the reasons for having a mobile website should be strategic to your business rather than impulsive or because you heard so. With almost a quarter of web users in the UK being mobile-only (Source: mobithinking.com) it’s clear to see that mobile web browsing is well on its way to [...]